Goodbye 2020

2020, you were good to me, but I must let you go. I will not miss you, but I will carry on the memories of our time together. Some of my experiences together were not ideal, but since you were here and made a mark on my life, I will still remember these memories and pass them onto my descendants.
12:01 AM Wednesday January 1, 2020: I ushered you in with joyous pomp that befits a king. We kissed, hugged, and celebrated you, a new beginning, a year better than the one just gone.
You know what 2020? Humans in general are forward thinking, and all over the world we lighted the sky with colorful fireworks to honor your birth. We celebrated you and hoped you will usher in the golden age that we all looked forward to being a part of. No one expected your reign to cause so much chaos and sorrow. We hoped you will help humanity make one more forward step toward the heaven we were promised 2,000 years ago. Instead, you made ways for humanity to turn back progress that was achieved since the Middle Ages. I do not want to place the blame entirely on you, 2020. The 5 years prior to your arrival prepared the way for you to ruin the progress humanity had achieved, and your reign just amplified what was going on behind the scenes. Those in powerful positions made it easier for you to express your true nature. You worked the people who thought they were gods, preyed to their egotism as a ruthless charlatan and succeeded. No one stood your way or the way of your prey. Most people, who anguished over Covid-19 and political chaos, wondered out loud when your reign will come to an end.

Today I celebrate that you are gone and never to return, only confined to my memories, that I will forever bear and pass on to my descendants. The lessons learned during your reign, 2020, will be passed down as history and literature, so that your reign will never be repeated. At the end of the day, all this suffering and the lessons we learned will contribute to making the world a better place for all those who will inhabit it.